Take Control Of Your Google Ads, Starting Today

I’ve professionally managed more than 50 Google Ads campaigns since 2012. I that time I’ve discovered the following things:

1. Unless you know your way around, the system is rigged in Google’s favour…

If you run ads using Google’s default or suggested settings, you’ll lose money. The default settings are a land grab by Google to wrestle control away from you, and obscure the profitability of your ads.

Every time you ring Google for help, you run the gauntlet of bad advice. At best, the people you speak to know the technicalities of the Google Ads system. They are not business consultants, and have no interest in understanding your real business needs. In fact, the people you speak to are often following scripts and incentivised to encourage greater feature use and more spend.

Have you ever spoken to a Google rep, and wondered why they were trying to ram mobile traffic down your throat? (Even though in many industries, mobile traffic converts poorly). Well, now you know why. Google has a HUGE amount of mobile clicks to sell you, and they need you to believe this is a good idea.

Have you ever spoken to Google and been told to turn on ‘enhanced CPC’, or some other automated bid setting? All of these settings pass control over to Google. Which is good for Google, and bad for you.

Google wants to plug you into the matrix, and take control of everything. Even write your ads for you. They cannot possibly do this in your best interests. It is imperative that you stay in control of your results.

2. Most advertisers do not make money from Google Ads on the first sale.

Clicks on many search terms are too expensive to be profitable up front. You need systems in place to nurture those clicks, and generate back-end revenue. (For a few years my business was called ‘Read End PPC’ for that exact reason).

In fact, most advertisers don’t even know if their Google ads are working. Which given the tools Google make available, is inexcusable.

3. The biggest problems in Google Ads cannot be automated.

Google cannot possibly understand your audience, write your ads, or create your landing pages. There are no magic solutions for these things. You’re also too close to your own business to see the glaring problems – the bleeding neck issues that are causing you to lose money.

4. Getting help is tricky.

Unless you have a specific technical issue, phoning Google for help is a bad idea. Not unless you want some new experimental feature rammed down your throat.

The other option is to find an agency, which is also a treacherous endeavour. Nearly every client I’ve ever worked with has been ‘burned’ by an agency at some point, if not by Google themselves. The work many agencies do is shoddy at best, theft at worst...

They’ll make things as complicated as possible to confuse you, justify their bill and increase ongoing dependence on them. They’ll talk to you in language you don’t understand. Often, agencies will over-bid on branded keywords (people who searched for your brand name) to improve the numbers. At an agency of any size the actual work will be shunted down to a junior member of staff who understands nothing about your business.

Is that what you want?

I don’t run an agency any more. Instead, I help people take control of their Google Ads campaigns. I can help you:

  • Take responsibility for your results, without being held hostage by an agency (you won’t find any minimum 6-month contracts here)
  • Teach you or your team the processes I developed in my agency work. You’ll learn the exact things you need to do on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to improve your results.
  • Help you implement ‘proper’ conversion tracking… including things like call tracking, site visits and offline conversions. Conversion tracking is now more complicated than putting a script on a thank you page. I can guide you through your options.
  • Help you configure your settings to benefit YOU, rather than Google.
  • Help you write ads that stand out on the search results page.
  • Help you measure which ads drive the most profit, not the most clicks.
  • Help you leverage your winning ads in other areas of your marketing.
  • Help you convert more of your enquiries into paying customers through sensible marketing automation.

All with no long-term contract, and pay as you go pricing.

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Rob is amazing at explaining Adwords and making sense of it all, not to mention patient! What I love is there are no secrets or magical scientific stuff that he does and charges a fortune for.

It's all totally transparent and I believe he genuinely wants me to understand how to run Adwords myself, he is also great at bouncing ideas around with too.

Jo Hayday, Matters Property Services

The thing we've been impressed with the most is the processes Rob has set up, that we can then copy and adapt. We now have processes in place and the people working on our account don't necessarily have to be 'AdWords experts'.

What we've come away with is the skills to work on our own AdWords.

Nick Harley, Raygun

I have been regularly working with Rob now for over 2 years. He has got a fantastic working knowledge of sales funnels, copywriting and traffic generation all rolled into one - a highly unique quality. Rob makes the complex simple. Excellent to work with!

Damian Qualter, damianqualter.com

I first started working with Rob in 2012. Since then he has helped guide my business through the various ongoing challenges of dealing with Google Adwords. Knowing where to start wasn’t easy but with Robs help, I now have account structured correctly, with tailored landing pages and call tracking all in place. He has been a great help, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services.

Tim Murden, TM Solicitors