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Seven Advanced PPC Tactics

Do you spend money on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter ads? If so you should consider the following tactics… Warning – this is advanced level stuff. Probably not for beginners. 1. Upload your customer list to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have a large customer list, you might want to only upload your highest value […]

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Maze Marketing 08: Email Deliverability

This episode is all about deliverability: specific tips for getting your emails delivered to your recipient’s inbox (and preferably avoiding their spam folder or promotions tab). Email is still an important part of any marketing follow-up system, and your emails can only do you any good if they are successfully delivered. A lot of mis-information […]

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Why is marketing overwhelmingly complicated?

One of the contradictions of marketing is that marketing itself is simple, but getting anything done is complicated. It feels like things should be getting less complicated over time. Modern tools have removed the need to learn PHP, HTML and CSS. Landing page builders have democratised web design (thank God). It’s never been easier to […]

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Topics that might offend people​


As you put more voice into your work, you invariably run into topics like politics and religion. Hot potato topics that can blow up in your face. So, should you write about them? Or are you best ignoring them, and sticking to more ‘safe’ topics? It’s actually impossible to write engagingly over a long period […]

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