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Announcement: Live Google Ads training in May

I live in Sheffield, Yorkshire. People round here have a ‘say it how it is’ perspective on life. Things they might say about Google Ads include: “Ten pounds a click? ‘Ow much? Thieving bastards…” “It were proper expensive that pal…” “It tha’s running Google Ads, tha’s bloody daft…” “I phoned Google earlier and spoke to some […]

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Tip-toeing around new subscribers​

When a new contact opts into your world, you need them to proactively decide whether they want to hear from you. The best way to do that is to send them a series that tells your story. Telling your story in your marketing is an expressive endeavour. Which if you’re used to talking exclusively about […]

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Email vs Messenger Bots

Every week I see someone – usually on Facebook – talking about how email is now dead, pointless or ineffective. Usually the people making these assertions have very little to say of value, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that email isn’t working for them. The argument goes that a good email open […]

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Marketing for the Unmarketables

I do a number of things that don’t fit into black and white boxes. I was asked by a medical professional fairly recently whether I smoked. Without thinking, I told her I smoked 1.5 cigars per year – on average – but sometimes none at all. And maybe a cigarette or two if I ever get […]

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