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Make your book a reality… in 15 weeks or less

If you sell based on trust and expertise, publishing a book can boost your credibility and facilitate high value sales. Which of course is where things fall apart… If you’re like most of my clients, you can talk for hours about your topic. You’re passionate about helping people. But writing isn’t quite your thing. You […]

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Publish a book on Amazon in 2019

There’s a perception that publishing a book is a long, expensive process. Quite frankly, it doesn’t have to be. I now publish all my books using Amazon’s print on demand service. Today, I want to give you a look behind the curtain at how it works… The best way to increase your lead volume is […]

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What did you add to your body of work this year?

My office is generally a hive of production: of emails, newsletters, books, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and whatever else. From time to time it’s important to stop and take stock. I’m currently compiling all of my daily emails into an annual. It’s been a rewarding process so far to sift through everything I’ve sent this […]

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How to get better ideas and beat writer’s block

I’m a big believer in setting a public schedule for your marketing. It doesn’t have to be a frequent schedule, but it does need to be public. Everyone on this list hopefully knows you’ll get an email from me at 9AM UK time during the week. Subscribers of my print newsletter know they’ll get a […]

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