A key ingredient for good stories

Linzi and Hugo were away for a few days last week. Leaving me all alone at home on my lonesome. (Can you hear that tiny, tiny violin?) What do you think I got up to? Was I looking at the front door, pining for them to return? I’ll give you a second to mull over the possibilities… […]

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Maze Marketing 06: What Is The Maze

 MP3 Download Rob and Jonathan answer the question: what exactly is the maze? How is it different from conventional funnel-based marketing? This episode covers: – Why marketing is less linear than ever before, with many more touch points – Why impression-assisted conversions matter more than most people realise – Why it is valuable to […]

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Anything But Facebook

Every business has a bottleneck of some sort, and in mine the bottleneck is lead generation. I’m currently one platform down. As you might remember, I’m at war with Facebook. Or more specifically, Facebook is at war with me, having disabled my account. All of which has prompted me to look again at some of […]

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What does real expertise look like?

“Who do you work with?” is one of the questions we all must answer with as much clarity as we can muster. I’ve struggled with this over the years. I now tell people I work with ‘coaches, consultants and experts’. Which has led me recently to ask… what actually makes someone an expert? (Because often the people claiming […]

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