My take on Infusionsoft’s name change

I’ve been asked a few times in the last 24 hours about Infusionsoft’s name change. Infusionsoft is changing from ‘Infusionsoft’ to ‘Keap’. Which to my eyes seems to be a miss-spelled or made up word. According to CEO Clate Mask, it’s a nod to the tenacity of entrepreneurs to ‘keep at it’. Which to put it […]

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How to write regularly

I live on Sheffield’s Supertram route, right outside a tram stop. The first tram usually passes at 5.30AM, unnoticed like a ship in the night. Until the last few weeks, that is… When just once or twice, you might have noticed a huddled figure at the tram stop. Me. A coffee shop ten minutes up […]

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Maze Marketing 05: Facebook Ad Policy Violations

MP3 Download In this episode I complain bitterly to Jonathan about the fact that Facebook have inexplicably disabled my ads account. Without explanation or recourse. The Facebook machine has effectively just said “no”. Ad policy violations have become a regular part of life for advertisers on Google and Facebook, so in this episode we discuss […]

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