Make your book a reality… in 15 weeks or less

If you sell based on trust and expertise, publishing a book can boost your credibility and facilitate high value sales.

Which of course is where things fall apart…

If you’re like most of my clients, you can talk for hours about your topic. You’re passionate about helping people. But writing isn’t quite your thing. You know you have a book inside you – perhaps even multiple books. “When will I find the time!” you think to yourself.

This service is about publishing that book on Amazon, in 15 weeks or less…

Whether you’re publishing for lead generation, profit or legacy, I’m here to help get that book out of your head.

Things to be clear on...

Before you start this process, you should be clear in your mind:

  • Who the target audience is for your book. Who exactly are you trying to help?
  • What problem will your book solve for these people?

Don't try to cater to everyone in a single book. Think about the ideal client you're looking to attract. Pick ONE problem they have, and make that the focus of your book.

Ineffective books tackle multiple problems for a multitude of people. Effective books focus down on a single burning issue.

Once you're clear on that, there are two production phases:

1. Interviews and planning

The process starts with a comprehensive interview to collate the material you’ll use for the book. There are no time limits on this, and we can do multiple calls within the project.

I’ll then help you plan the structure of your book. This will become the blueprint for the second phase: production.

2. Production

From the planning phase we'll supply a Word document template to work on, pre-populated with relevant sections of our call transcript. You'll then have up to 15 weekly progress and accountability calls with me, producing the book in a 'done-with-you' arrangement. I’ll support you as you write, keep you on track, and offer suggestions for improvement.

The project includes:

  • Comprehensive book planning and interviews
  • Up to 15 weekly progress calls
  • Thorough proofreading and editing support
  • Print and Kindle book setup on Amazon’s print on demand service KDP
  • Advice on your book launch and promotion plan

Package price: $3,000

Additional Costs - Cover Design

We don't include cover design in your quote, simply because some clients already have a designer or prefer to source this themselves.

We don't mark up supplier costs - so unless you already know or have a designer, please ask for this adding to your quote. We'll source and fully brief a designer to make sure your book stands out in the Amazon search results.

Additional Costs - Funnel Development

Your book will likely sit within a wider marketing funnel. Quotes for developing that funnel can be provided. Advice on appropriate technology is included with the project.

How much of your time will this take?

We'll need 2-4 hours of your time up front to discuss stories and content for your book.

Setting a daily writing routine is the best way to get the book done. I suggest you block 60-90 minutes in your calendar every week day for writing. You'll then have up to 15 weekly update calls throughout the project.

Where will your book be published?

Please note that Amazon KDP only operates on the following Amazon properties:


Your book will appear in Kindle format on Amazon properties worldwide, but only in paperback on the sites above.

To discuss a project simply complete the form below.


P.S. Many good things can come out of this process, besides the book itself. Emails. Facebook ads. A remarketing strategy discussion. But I suggest you start with the book as your core marketing piece. It's generally sensible to build your marketing around a successful book.