Magnetic Expertise

If you’re a coach, consultant or expert, this book contains a system to magnetically attract respectful, high paying clients.

You’re an expert at what you do. You have a unique system or perspective on things, but communicating your uniqueness to cold prospects is hard.

You spend a lot of money finding potential clients on Google, Facebook and other platforms. The question is, how should you nurture them without disappearing down a social media rabbit hole?

This book is about taking your clients off the market, so they see you as the undisputed expert and ONLY ever want to buy from you.

You’ll learn how to select the right marketing automation software for your business, and how to protect your time by building a team around you. You’ll learn to tell better stories about your work. You’ll never run out of things to say in your marketing ever again.

You ideal clients NEED to hear your expertise, perspective and wisdom... this book explains how best to give it to them.

  • Why most email nurture sequences fail to generate results
  • The four steps to implement in your customer nurture system
  • How to determine and improve the ROI of your marketing nurture efforts
  • How to build a team around you to achieve your goals
  • How to know what work you should be doing yourself
  • The real reason to use stories in your emails
  • Advice on email marketing tools
  • How to use remarketing effectively
  • How to select the right CRM system

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Magnetic Expertise

I liked this book. It has lots of good advice, and presents a specific marketing model that has credibility. I always like to read authors who take a stand on something, and who support their beliefs with reasoned arguments and experience. This book was good that way. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the topic.

Rob's writing models what he presents. Entertainment keeps the interest level up. He presents a unique view or marketing and organizational issues. We'll make a number of changes to our Infusionsoft-based marketing based on his ideas. Thanks Rob!