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Why self-publish a book

I’ve been busy in the last few months updating my two main books, Magnetic Expertise and Simple Story Selling. Simple Story Selling now includes additional sections on email sequence structure, Facebook ads and Google ads. It’ll be live on Amazon hopefully later today, and I’ll be offering a discount next week. *Just saying – keep an eye out*… All […]

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Key marketing challenges in 2019

We’re contending with a few key marketing challenges as we head into 2019… Unless people actively search Google for your products and services (preferably by brand name), it is getting expensive to generate cold leads. Big online media platforms such as Facebook have become a bloodbath in the fight for attention. Most people on Facebook […]

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Grumpy Marketer 2018 – now on Amazon

Grumpy Marketer 2018

I had grand writing plans for the Christmas period. I was going to update my Simple Story Selling book, and get ahead with production of these emails. Then the world imploded. My grandmother got sick. Then Christmas happened, with the distraction of having a ten-month-old. My situation isn’t unique – we’re all pressed for time. […]

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