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Topics that might offend people​


As you put more voice into your work, you invariably run into topics like politics and religion. Hot potato topics that can blow up in your face. So, should you write about them? Or are you best ignoring them, and sticking to more ‘safe’ topics? It’s actually impossible to write engagingly over a long period […]

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Copywriting vs copy assembling

I have a growing conviction that copy assembling has become more important than copy writing… The perceived role of a copywriter is to come up with magic words that sell. A copy assembler on the other hand has all of the necessary writing skills, but spends much more time assembling, sifting and sorting raw material. A copy assembler is a master at distinguishing […]

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How to write regularly

I live on Sheffield’s Supertram route, right outside a tram stop. The first tram usually passes at 5.30AM, unnoticed like a ship in the night. Until the last few weeks, that is… When just once or twice, you might have noticed a huddled figure at the tram stop. Me. A coffee shop ten minutes up […]

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Soap opera sequences

A ‘soap opera sequence’ is where you start a story in one email, create an ‘open loop, and leave it unresolved over one or more emails. This creates anticipation between emails. A lot has been written about soap opera sequences as the ‘ultimate’ email strategy. My opinion is they need to be used judiciously. However […]

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