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How to write regularly

I live on Sheffield’s Supertram route, right outside a tram stop. The first tram usually passes at 5.30AM, unnoticed like a ship in the night. Until the last few weeks, that is… When just once or twice, you might have noticed a huddled figure at the tram stop. Me. A coffee shop ten minutes up […]

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Soap opera sequences

A ‘soap opera sequence’ is where you start a story in one email, create an ‘open loop, and leave it unresolved over one or more emails. This creates anticipation between emails. A lot has been written about soap opera sequences as the ‘ultimate’ email strategy. My opinion is they need to be used judiciously. However […]

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How many emails to put in a sequence

Plot archetype

I’m making some updates to my copywriting book Simple Story Selling at the moment. A key idea in the book is the plot archetype structure, which you can read about here. The plot structure looks like this: A key idea to understand is that the plot archetype is fractal, meaning it operates at multiple levels as you zoom […]

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