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The Facebook ad story formula

The current formula for Facebook ads seems to be: 1. Find some photo of you on holiday somewhere. Preferably with your kids, spouse, or even some other random person. (It doesn’t matter too much, as long as the person is cool or attractive.) 2. Write out a sob story of how you were ‘down and […]

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The Facebook Disaster Chronicles

On Sunday I received an email from Facebook. Subject: ‘Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation’. “I wonder who that is…” I wondered. I have access to a number of client’s Facebook accounts. None of whom do anything shady, but some are more overtly in the ‘make money online’ industry than others. I was shocked then […]

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Write effective Facebook ads – part 2

Re-engagement ad

We were talking yesterday about Facebook ads. Many people seem to be looking for the optimal ad format, or tactical hacks. In my experience, the best ads have a great offer that is easy to redeem, and a great ad concept (a strong tie between image and ad text). The story and copy then supports the offer […]

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Write effective Facebook ads

I’m currently making some updates to my copywriting book Simple Story Selling, adding in extra sections on Facebook and Google ads. I’ll be publishing snippets of the updated content in this week’s emails… — The conversations online about Facebook ads are mostly tactical. For example: – What is the right video dimension to use? – […]

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