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Seven Advanced PPC Tactics

Do you spend money on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter ads? If so you should consider the following tactics… Warning – this is advanced level stuff. Probably not for beginners. 1. Upload your customer list to Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have a large customer list, you might want to only upload your highest value […]

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Announcement: Live Google Ads training in May

I live in Sheffield, Yorkshire. People round here have a ‘say it how it is’ perspective on life. Things they might say about Google Ads include: “Ten pounds a click? ‘Ow much? Thieving bastards…” “It were proper expensive that pal…” “It tha’s running Google Ads, tha’s bloody daft…” “I phoned Google earlier and spoke to some […]

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A better way to audit your Google Ads account

Many marketing agencies offer a Google Ads audit to solicit business. Often these audits are about seven pages long or more, pointing out every single ad extension you could be using but aren’t. (Stupid you). I have a slightly different approach. In looking at a Google Ads account, I’ll ask: Is conversion tracking in place, […]

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