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Stories For Business Use, #5 Have you ever been robbed, close up in person? One September night in 2007 I was walking home about 11PM. The fastest route home passed a derelict university building under renovation. As I walked two boys appeared at the top of the road. Both had hoods up. One was whistling. […]

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The Empathy Zone

Stories For Business Use, #4 Have you ever been to a party and struggled to make conversation with the other guests? When I was a student I wasn’t too discriminate about who I made friends with. I would end up at house parties where everyone would be talking about Final Fantasy 12, or some other […]

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Introducing the timeline

Stories For Business Use, #3 I was telling you last time about my habit of writing outlines to exam answers at university. I have not always employed the same diligence when writing marketing emails. For many years I just used to wing it, and rely on natural ‘writing flair’. I got reasonably good at winging […]

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