Maze Marketing 08: Email Deliverability

This episode is all about deliverability: specific tips for getting your emails delivered to your recipient's inbox (and preferably avoiding their spam folder or promotions tab).

Email is still an important part of any marketing follow-up system, and your emails can only do you any good if they are successfully delivered. A lot of mis-information circles the internet about deliverability, and we discuss some of the big myths on this episode.

Listen in now to learn:

  • Why comparing tools is mostly a waste of time
  • Specific things that affect your sender reputation
  • Common deliverability mistakes
  • How to fix an existing deliverability problem
  • Good list hygiene practices

The re-engagement email template mentioned towards the end of the podcast can be found at, in the free Essentials membership (from mid March 2019).

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Rob Drummond

Rob Drummond is the founder of the Confusion Clinic. Rob is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and copywriter.