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What did you add to your body of work this year?

My office is generally a hive of production: of emails, newsletters, books, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and whatever else. From time to time it’s important to stop and take stock. I’m currently compiling all of my daily emails into an annual. It’s been a rewarding process so far to sift through everything I’ve sent this […]

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How I use journaling

I recommend in my nurture email course that you keep a journal. Mine consists of date-ordered notes in Evernote (a web app), sometimes with pictures from that day. Hand on heart, I don’t journal as often as I ought to. It’s one of the first things that gets pushed out when things get busy. Recently […]

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The secret of repurposing

We all know that to build trust with an audience, we need to show up regularly. This is true in email, on Facebook, in LinkedIn groups, or wherever. You can’t just show up twice a year and expect good results. The question then, is how. How should you produce all this content, without losing hours out […]

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Do multiple copywriters spoil the broth?


I had an interesting debate last week about whether it’s a good idea to have multiple writers work on a piece of copy. The argument goes that multiple writers will step on each other’s toes, leading to work produced by committee with inconsistent tone and voice. I don’t disagree with that assessment. I think as […]

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