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New Parent Observations – Part 2


If you missed ‘New Parent Observations’ 1-14, you can catch up here. These are based on my 8-month son, Hugo… 15. He’ll never sleep when you desperately want him to. 16. He’s guaranteed to fall asleep as soon as you don’t want him to. 17. When you most need a dummy, you don’t have one. 18. […]

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Current Stories vs Core Stories

“I’m having my hair done in town,” my wife Linzi informed me on Saturday. “Are you okay to have Hugo for a few hours?” “Uh yeah, sure.” I replied outwardly. “Shit.” I thought inwardly. “It’s the last Saturday before school starts. Everywhere will be rammed. And I’ve never had Hugo alone out and about before.” So at 1PM, Hugo […]

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New parent ‘observations’ (Part 1)

So it’s been six months since our first child Hugo was born. I’d like to offer you some observations on the experience… 1. It’s like having a little dictator, who won’t compromise on anything. Worse; he won’t even tell you why he’s dictating. 2. A baby held in a particular position standing up is fine. […]

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