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Is Leadpages better than Clickfunnels?

Each month in my membership group Story Selling Insider we look at a particular marketing topic. This month the topic is landing pages. Let me share a few of my grumpy opinions with you… Most of the conversations about landing pages centre on tools. Which tool is “best”? Which should you use? Is Leadpages better […]

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Don’t work on your website backwards…

I’ve been working on two small websites over the last week or so. Knowing some degree of web design is useful, because I refuse to ever be held hostage by a web designer. I have a very specific approach to web design: I only use WordPress. I’ve tried Joomla, Drupal and some of the other […]

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Web design is (still) dead

I was talking with someone about WordPress the other day. I’m what you might call ‘semi technical’. I know HTML and CSS. I know the basics of PHP. And based on that knowledge, I have a very specific approach to WordPress, and web design in general. I stay away from it at all costs. I […]

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